Welcome to Clear Thinking

Time out is important. Taking a step back from our everyday routine helps us to see things in a clearer light, to gain perspective and to understand what drives us in our professional and personal lives.

It is a fundamental tool of management consultancy and should always be the starting point for any business planning or strategic change.

Clear Thinking is a place to step back, jump off the treadmill for just a few minutes and consider the more nuanced aspects of the business world.

Here, each month, I will share some of the experiences and insights I have developed over many years of working with organisations – large and small, Irish and international. I will introduce some of the theories that inform the practice of management consultancy and demonstrate how they really do enable us to work smarter and more happily.

I hope you enjoy these ‘time-outs’ and that they help you to uncover and appreciate new approaches to business management and leadership. First up is Motivation – it’s why we are here after all!

What Motivates You?
Motivation and What It Means for Career Fulfilment

Several years ago, one of my great mentors made a very simple suggestion. He advised me to ask each member of my team one question, ‘What motivates you?’

At the time, I was in charge of 20 direct reports, juggling urgent deadlines and the general demands of dynamic team management. I was quite taken aback at his recommendation. Surely I didn’t have time to conduct such a seemingly arbitrary exercise when there was so much real work to be done?


Organisational Culture
Devising a Winning Culture for Your Team

I came across an article recently claiming that organisational culture not only eats strategy for breakfast – but lunch and dinner too. I couldn’t agree more. Developing an appropriate culture within an organisation helps teams to thrive and to reach and exceed their strategic goals.

But what exactly is organisational culture?


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March 4, 2022

SCSI – Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Elevate Mentoring Programme for Women

Delighted to get a mentioned in todays The Irish Times and so pleased to be Chairing the panel at the launch of the SCSI - Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Elevate Mentoring Programme for…
December 7, 2021

SCSI National Conference ’The Evolution of our Profession’

Delighted to be participating at the SCSI National Conference ’The Evolution of our Profession’ on the 8th December on the importance of building a strong personal brand.
December 7, 2021

Cogent Associates | Strategic Planning

ClarityVP was delighted to be working with the senior team at Cogent Associates Ireland at their Strategic Planning recently.  Such a dynamic and innovative team and wonderful to have Oisín Ó Mír as a guest…