We help leaders to manage uncertainty, maximise opportunities and fulfil their potential.

We help teams to identify and win new business, augment their position within the marketplace & grow as high-performing collectives.

Through the development of individualised, targeted & measurable Business & People Strategies, we create solutions that add value and deliver to the bottom line.

Our Business Strategies address the wide range of challenges and opportunities a company can face. They include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business planning

  • Brand & communications

  • Marketing plans

  • Change management

  • Reputational risk management

  • Organisational structuring

Through our People Strategies we provide a variety of interventions to support senior teams who are:

  • Newly formed

  • Going through change

  • Seeking to improve overall performance

Depending on the circumstances of our client, ClarityVP’s strategies can be implemented in one of two ways. Our guardianship model enables clients to take ownership of the plan with the assurance of ClarityVP’s observation and counsel at regular intervals. Alternatively, we offer a more hands-on approach, working closely with teams to ensure each plan is carried out effectively and within agreed timeframes.