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As leaders, we are usually primed and ready to move forward to a ‘planning state of mind’, at various stages with our businesses but challenging situations (like our current one) can cause us to struggle when taking that first step. We see others moving ahead with speed and energy, and we ask ourselves: ‘Why am I getting stuck?’


Over the years, I’ve come to learn that moving forward is far easier when you take small steps to begin with. Writing down your concerns and reaching out to trusted advisers are key tools in this process. Shifting your mindset towards the opportunities – no matter how small – can send you down entirely new, and fruitful, pathways.


Planning ahead
A considered approach using simple frameworks can be very beneficial to get the process under way. Like anything else, once you actually start writing things down, ideas form and then it just becomes a matter of prioritising tasks and devising phases.


90 days, or three months, offer an ideal period of time to plan ahead. It feels more productive than looking at two or three weeks down the line, and it is much simpler to visualise than six months! In fact, it’s just the right amount of time to put a shape on critical elements of your business.


90-Day Plan Aide-Memoire

I devised a ‘90-Day Plan Aide-Memoire’ to help my clients get started. My aim is to provoke thought and assist leaders in writing a plan at this difficult time. I’m sharing it with ibec members too as you might find it useful, and please let me know if you need any further support.


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For many years, Valerie has helped leaders and teams to maximise their strengths and achieve significant results. With a former career in Finance, Valerie uses her leadership experience and background in behavioural psychology to work with clients across a broad range of sectors.